Why Atena?

Atena agency is on the market for 11 years and has the most offers available in Slovakia and abroad with immediate start. We regularly update our job offers in German and English-speaking countries. Currently the most sought-for offers are:

  • Caregiver (Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands),
  • Warehouseman (Netherlands, Germany)
  • Auto Tinsmith (Netherlands)
  • Scaffolder (Switzerland)
  • Welder (Germany)
  • Construction worker (Austria)
  • Production operator (Slovakia)
  • Forklift operator (Slovakia)

Atena helped me to find a great family in Austria and because of this I improved my level of German language. What makes me happy the most is that not only the family was happy with me, but also the Atena agency.

Anita, caregiver in Austria

We are long-time workers for Atena company with my girlfriend. It is a very professional agency with pleasant approach. They always went up and above to meet my requirements, and that is why we want to work in Netherlands again.

David, warehouseman in Netherlands

Most job offers

Atena has the most job offers available in more than 10 European countries. Thanks to our long-term relationships with several companies we’ve noticed a sharp decrease in unemployment rate compared to previous years. We also noticed an increased interest in new job positions, which number is increasing every year. The goal is to guarantee our clients the security of a stable job, above-average income and career growth.  

What does it mean to get job through Atena?

To work through our agency means to get several benefits. You do not have to speak foreign language to work abroad. We will arrange the transport for you free of charge, and also arrange an accommodation. We offer jobs for anyone from a graduate to a senior without restrictions. We will reimburse a certain amount after you finish your retraining and language courses. You will also get the benefit of an advance payment, up to 50% of your salary.

After you prove yourself, we can offer you a better job position, thanks to which you can achieve salary and career growth. If you are not satisfied with the job, we can secure you a different one, thus you are never without an income. As a bonus, you are not paying and registration fees.

The benefits working with Atena:

  • A job even without speaking foreign language
  • No need for qualification
  • No registration fees
  • Transport free of charge
  • Advance payments up to 50%
  • Reimbursement of retraining and language courses costs
  • The possibility of career and financial growth
  • Job position change without hassle
  • 30% discount on O2 flat rates

Thanks to Atena I have a stable job and income

Marian personal consultant in Bulgaria.

Proven way towards a good-paying job

Atena is a great matchmaker for the most job offers with an above-average payment. We regularly communicate with our business partners about improving work conditions, (skype, personal visits of our partners abroad, partners visiting our headquarters in Banska Bystrica). Be it temporary or permanent solution of the financial activity, Atena guarantees seriousness, responsibility and quality of its services:

  • Helpful staff
  • Quick negotiation – if a client decides to work in Germany after he wakes up in the morning, we will be in Germany the next morning
  • You don’t have to worry about anything – we will secure all the travel tickets and boarding passes for you
  • The security of a stable job – 11 years of experience, representation in 10 countries of Europe, more than 1500 happy employees, the widest job offer- more than 1400 job offers

Your satisfaction is our prime directive, so our goal is to offer you the widest job offer in an approachable way. You will also achieve the pre-negotiated salary.

I’ve dreamt about England my whole life, but I never had the opportunity to go there. Thanks to Atena my dreams came true. Atena has given me a helping hand, I have a good job and always somebody to help me. Thank you Atena, you’ve changed my life.

Siyana, caregiver in England

Better work means better life.

We are able to quickly replace your lost job even in the times of the Economic crisis, thanks to a wide portfolio of job offers from many companies. We strive to always secure you the possibility to travel for work everywhere, help you choose the most suitable job offer and guarantee you the feeling of security. That should be the critical factor when choosing new job offers.

I can recommend Atena because of the approach of all their employees and managers. This agency has created fair working conditions for me. They secured me a legal job abroad without any problems.

Elena, caregiver in Netherlands