Artisanal work is increasingly rare. Computers and robots may rule the world, but who is going to fix your roof, your car, your fridge and ensure that all the conveniences around us work properly? Some professions are dying out, led by the skilled trades. Young people are rushing off to college, which means that interest in craft work is declining. It is common knowledge that young people are not interested in manual work. As a consequence, there is a shortage of employees in the craft trades. This is also evident in occupations other than agriculture.


The job involves how to take care of the plants such as how to treat, water, fertilize, how to defend against pests, etc. The gardener’s duties also include pest control, harvesting and storage of fruits and berries.

According to, this position is held by 523. place in the salary ranking. In 2018, including all bonuses and premiums, the gardener earned €899.75. The salary increase was brought about in 2019, when the gardener’s salary was 1005,23 €. In 2020, the wage will increase again, albeit by a considerably small amount. This year the gardener will earn €1033.61.


The work of a maintenance worker mainly concerns repairing and replacing damaged parts of the building equipment, minor electrical interventions and installations (furniture, sanitary fittings, handles, locks, batteries, sockets, switches, light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, fuses, switchboards, etc.).

The job ranks slightly higher on the salary scale at 452. The salary of the janitor has also increased. Already in 2018, the position paid quite well, with a maintenance worker earning €1,030.78 two years ago. One year later, in 2019, the maintenance worker earned €1,107.38. During this year, the salary was increased again, although only by a small amount, to €1,123.37.

Overview of craft salaries.


It is probably clear to everyone what is in the job description of an electrician. In addition to designing, wiring and troubleshooting power lines, the electrician is also involved in reading technical documentation.

In terms of position on the salary ladder, electrician represents 362. place, which is slightly higher than previous occupations. Already in 2018, the electrician earned €1,079.52. The salary has increased each year, with the electrician earning €1,109.12 in 2019 and €1,169.11 this year.


This position involves welding metals, plastics or polymers. The welder then cleans and polishes the welds. The worker is responsible for the welding tools and their correct setting and use.

The job of a welder has climbed up the salary ladder to 294. place, which is quite high. That is to say, the wage of this work in 2018 was as high as €1,173.42. The year 2019 brought an increase, to the amount of 1299,04 €. Today, a welder earns a little more. The salary in 2020 is €1,324.5.

Car mechanic

An auto mechanic performs maintenance, repair and adjustment work on on-road motor vehicles. Diagnoses the fault using measuring instruments and determines the method of repair. Can repair or replace individual components or parts if necessary

Car mechanic is ranked 390 in the salary ranking. spot. Of the craft occupations, this is one of the highest rated. In 2020, a car mechanic will earn €1,176.63, a modest difference from 2018, when he earned €1,106.11.

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