Do you want to receive a high salary, have a rewarding job, travel around Europe without the need to relocate and leave your home, family, and friends? If your answer is yes, then working on rotations as a caregiver is the best choice for you!

What are rotations?

To work on rotations basically means to rotate with somebody else. Let’s say your rotation period is 3 months, and you start on 1. March. This means that there will be another person working in the household between the beginning of December of the previous year and the end of February. You will start work on 1. March and you will replace the previous caregiver. After three months, another person will come and take your place for three months as well.

Are rotations a good choice financially?

When working on rotations, you have no costs for living as accommodation, food, and many more. They might not seem like a huge amount, but it builds up. How much exactly?

As an example, we will use the living costs in Germany. A single person living alone spends an average of between 670 EUR and 890 EUR per month for rent. The S-Bahn in Berlin will cost you 86 EUR per month – you obviously need to get to work. To have a meal in a restaurant you would spend 10-15 EUR, but if you like to cook, you might manage the month with 250 EUR for food. Internet and TV will set you back at least 40 EUR. We’ve already got over 1,000 euros. Keep in mind that we have not taken into account many other expenses. That’s more than 1,000 euros saved every month just because you work on rotations.

You don’t have to relocate permanently

When you work on rotations you travel, but you don’t abandon your home, friends and family. Every few months you return home for a long, well-deserved holiday. Not many people can live at home, while earning a salary that corresponds to the standards of Germany, Austria, the Netherlands or Belgium.

Half a year off

Don’t you sometimes feel that 20 or 25 days of holiday per year is just not enough? While working as a carer on rotations you don’t have to work 6 months a year! With this schedule, you can do whatever you want in your free time. Going on vacation, spending time with loved ones, or if you feel like you have too much free time on your hands, you can take on another job to earn even more, even though you earn more than enough. A caregiver with basic knowledge of German and no experience working through Atena earns 1500 euros net per month. As you gain a little experience and improve your communication skills, this amount can easily increase by more than 20%! And this is not the limit.

Working on rotations and choosing the right company

It’s good to have a reliable partner when going abroad. There are many companies that offer caregiver jobs abroad, but not all of them are a good choice. Stay away from companies that won’t provide you with the documents you need. They should also be able to answer basic questions about the person you will be caring for, as well as provide information about accommodation or your day-to-day work duties. Work with a company that has experience and enough job offers to be able to reassign you to another position if the person you have been caring for no longer needs a carer for various reasons.