Up to 60% of people aged 65 and over own a smartphone. These are perfect for using a variety of interesting, practical and, above all, useful mobile applications. Many of them can not only make the user’s life more enjoyable or educate him/her, but also make his/her everyday life easier. Most of them are available in English, which is understood by many seniors, especially in the Netherlands. And even if they don’t understand, for example those in German-speaking countries, at least their children or grandchildren speak English. Here are some free apps to make life easier for you and your loved one. Recently we have also looked at the effects of of the tablets on the life of a senior citizen.

Medisafe – medication planner

The app simply reminds you when to take your medication or vitamins. Older people may find that with the amount of medication they are prescribed, they forget to take some at the right time or not at all. Plus, if they have memory problems, it’s especially challenging. Skipping a pill as directed by your doctor or pharmacist can be a serious problem that leads to a worsening health condition. With this modern app, they won’t forget any medication because their family members will also get a reminder.


It is used to record the conversation with the doctor so that you don’t forget what he or she said to you. Plus, if you get lost in difficult medical terminology, the app will highlight the sections with medical terms. In addition, the transcription of the communication into written conversation also provides the actual explanation of particular medical terms that you do not understand. All of this can also be shared with the caregiver staff so that they are well versed in the client’s condition. It is so handy and a great tool.

Magnifying glass with light

Older people often suffer from some type of eye disease, so it’s difficult, if not impossible, to read the small print on a smartphone or tablet screen. The app uses your phone’s camera to zoom in on any text you need to read. You can also use a flashlight to illuminate your writing if you are in a room or environment where it is dark. Reading instructions, leaflets, labels, newspapers and books will become much easier.



It helps seniors keep track of their heart health by monitoring their blood pressure. It records its current values over time, so you can check if they are within the normal range and see what effect the medication you are taking is having on it. Up to 50% of seniors have problems with hypertension – chronic high blood pressure.


Thanks to the tool the senior can use his voice to create messages, emails or search for anything on the Internet. Suitable for people who have mobility problems or suffer from Parkinson’s disease, for example, and have difficulty controlling their limbs.

Voice Aloud Reader

It is the opposite of the previous application. It can convert text to voice recording. It reads messages, emails and websites. It was developed for people with vision problems.


As your relative gets older, the nerve cells in the brain die or slow down. Lumosity is a brain training app. You will find hundreds of fun puzzles and riddles that improve memory, attention and thinking speed.



Sudoku is a great game that everyone knows. It exercises logical thinking and concentration, thus training the brain. It is an appropriate activity to prevent dementia or to slow it down and relieve its symptoms. In addition to the paper form, it already exists in digital form.



It is a good solution for active seniors who want to keep fit. After all, walking is very healthy and walking in the fresh air can only benefit your overall fitness and well-being – both physical and mental. This way you will have an overview of your daily statistics. Some apps are even enriched with useful exercises.

Have you had experience with any of these apps?