Have you taken out a loan, lost your job, and couldn´t pay your mortgage? Have you been in a vicious circle for 3 years and now because of debt you are at risk of losing almost Eur 5,000? About 40,000 unemployed or retired people have similar experience to you.

Is ignorance of execution one of the reasons why you and your family got into trouble? Why haven´t you taken any steps to resolve your issue? According to statistics, these kind of problems has almost every fifth person. How to resolve family disputes and conflicts in which finance plays a major role? Our advantage is that as 1st agency in Slovakia we provide the opportunity to get rid of your debts.

In the soup of debts

He met his girlfriend, they bought an apartment and new furniture. He took a loan. Later he lost his job. The next 3 years stopped paying because he had no income. In addition, he became ill and was unable to work for a long time. At that time he was registered with labor office that provided him allowance, but he was still under big psychic pressure. When looking for a job, even the salary offered would not be enough to meet his debts. But his life began to change when he asked for help. At the moment he has one 18 years old execution, the other 4 are paid and the other still pending. He admits that he wouldn´t be able to do it himself, and hopes that he would be able to sleep good again.

Don´t you believe it´s possible? Don´t be afraid to tell us about your problem. Contact us and ensure yourself.

You are not able to pay your debts.

Anna got into the situation where her mother and brother became ill.They had a big expense on medicines, treatments and later funerals. In this situation also her son was going through divorce and had to pay off his ex-wife. In that time they got into debt and everything began to wrap. The loan was paid only by another loan and she got into a situation that she couldn´t solve. She would not have been able to deal with this situation herself because she had no experience with such things. Thanks to the company we work with, her life has changed and she is no longer under psychic stress. Before she was drowning in real problems and now she can see brighten future.

Do you want the same happy end as Mrs. Anna? Visit any of our branches.

You will not probably avoid an execution.

You are late in payments. You get unpleasant letters and phone calls from creditors and enforcement agencies. When you borrow again, you get even into bigger debts. Execution has not begun yet, but is likely to begin soon.

If you can´t handle your debts, come to us and we´ll solve your problem. We´ll get you a job and help you get out of debt.