Have you taken out a loan, lost your job and can’t pay your mortgage? Have you been in a vicious circle for 3 years and are you in danger of losing your flat because of a debt of almost 5 000 euros? Some 40 000 unemployed or retired people are suffering a similar fate to yours.

Do you cite ignorance of foreclosure as one of the reasons you got yourself and family into trouble? Why have you not taken any steps to resolve this situation? According to statistics, similar problems plague almost every fifth person. How to resolve family disputes and conflicts in which finances play a major role? Our advantages include that as 1. agency in Slovakia we provide the opportunity to get rid of your debts.

Up to their necks in debt

When Jan met his girlfriend, they bought an apartment and new furnishings for it. He took out a loan. He later lost his job. He stopped paying for the next 3 years because he had nothing to pay back. In addition, he became seriously ill and was unable to work for a long time. At that time, he was registered at the labour office, where he received benefits for material need, but he was still under psychological pressure. When looking for a job, even the salary he was offered would not be enough to meet his debts. But his life began to change when he decided to ask for help . He now has one foreclosure that is 18 years old, 4 others are paid off and the rest are still pending. He admits that he couldn’t have done it alone and hopes that he will finally be able to sleep in peace.

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You are unable to repay your debts

Anna was in a situation where both her mother and brother fell ill. They had large expenses for medicines, treatments and later funerals. To top it all off, she had a divorcing son who had to pay off his ex-wife. That’s when they went into debt and everything started to pile up. The loan was just another loan being paid off and she was put in a situation she could not deal with. She would not have been able to cope with this condition on her own, as she had no experience with such things. Her life has become Bonato she’s no longer mentally unbalanced. Before that, she was drowning in real problems. Now he has a secure future.

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You probably can’t avoid foreclosure

You are in arrears with your repayments. You receive unpleasant letters and phone calls from creditors and debt collection agencies. If you borrow again, you will get into even more debt. How to prevent foreclosure, which is likely to start any moment? See our current offers . With us you will never be in debt.

If you can’t manage to pay your debts, come to us and we will solve your problem. We provide you with work and relieve you debts .