We can all probably guess why this is so. The biggest credit for this goes to the already so often mentioned COVID 19.

Unemployment in Europe may double due to the coronary crisis. As many as 59 million jobs could be at risk because of wage and hour cuts.

It is estimated that the European Union would return to its pre-crisis status in the last quarter of next year. In the worst-case scenario, the unemployment rate is said to climb to 11.2 per cent next year and not return to 2019 levels until 2024 at the earliest.

But do you know how many people are really out of work ?

Eurostat statistics and studies from April 2020 say that there are up to 14.079 million men and women in Europe, of whom 11.919 million are in the euro area.

If we compare this with the population of the countries of Europe, it would mean that all the inhabitants of Belgium and Lithuania would be out of work.


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