The situation in the world is more complicated every day. The daily increase in the number of infected people is steadily increasing. The victims of the virus are also the doctors and medical personnel.

It is not that heroes are formed during difficult times. We only recognize them then. Maybe they have an oridinary face and you do not even see them on the street. But that’s why these hard times must come to see more than their faces. Their strength, stamina, ability to endure, overcome the greatest difficulty and adversity of a given situation, to accept hard hits and risk their health. They even fall down seven times and stand eight times.

Coronavirus is more resistant than we thought. Therefore, it is not possible to highlight only one sector, which in its current state makes the maximum for the community. Although the greatest pressure is on the paramedics, a great compliment also belongs to the police, firefighters and soldiers. It is also worth not to forget to mention shopkeepers in stores that are subject to daily pressure and without much protection. In the very beginning, everyone was trying to secure food for their home and that was the highest probability of transmitting an infection, clustered in supermarket chains. Similarly, trucker drivers are in a position to ensure that there is enough food in the supermarket chains and are also at the risk of getting infected.

When we all join forces, together we manage to ensure that the main sectors are running so that we have something to eat and who we have somebody to turn to in times of illness and emergency. Because life did not stop existing, and there are other diseases that commonly encounter us and need to be dealt with acutely.

Life has not stopped, only the conditions of our functioning have changed.