Atena has provided aid to Ukrainian refugees

In February this year, Ukraine was involved in a military conflict with Russia. The unfavourable situation has forced its inhabitants, especially women and children, to flee to neighbouring and other more distant states in search of safety and peace. Many Ukrainian refugees have also taken refuge in Slovakia. Helping refugees is the minimum that can be provided in the difficult circumstances they are experiencing.

Housing is a basic need

The first problem that refugees deal with when they arrive in another country is where they will live. They need to find a place where they can settle as soon as possible. Later comes the question of where they will get a job to live on. Most of the refugees are people who have nowhere to go back to and will have nowhere to go back to once the war is over. This is because they have lost their homes, which have been damaged or completely destroyed as a result of the military actions. That is why they will stay in the asylum – the country they have fled to – for a long time or even permanently, and will eventually make a new home there.

Helping refugees – a voluntary act of charity

Ukrainian refugees in need receive free housing. Subsidies from the ministries, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Transport, make it possible to accommodate them. They reimburse the financial costs of individuals, municipalities, and institutions that provide housing assistance. Of course, in order for Ukrainian refugees to be able to work, live or work in Slovakia without problems, they must obtain the status of a refugee with temporary protection. Providing accommodation is not an obligation, but a voluntary act of anyone who chooses to do this good deed.

Helping refugees – Atena gets involved

Our company Atena is not falling behind when it comes to helping. It has given a helping hand to our eastern neighbours in a difficult situation. Since August, we have provided them with the opportunity to stay in our newly purchased building in Banská Bystrica at our own expense. It is the premises of a former guest house with great rooms in the part of Medený hámor. For those in need, we have provided 60 beds. They are for people, mostly women that work or are looking for work. They are also trying to integrate into life, adapt in our country, and want to contribute to society. These refugees are learning Slovak so that they can understand the local residents and get better opportunities, not only for work. Atena is ready to provide them with work opportunities as well. We plan to continue providing them with a roof over their heads, even if we are not compensated.

Atena is one of the professional and progressive companies that are not afraid and are willing to help others when they need it and to show solidarity. Those are qualities a strong company should possess.

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