Every person should ideally change jobs three to four times in a lifetime. Not only his expertise but also his intellect will grow. You can prevent burnout by changing jobs, but before you do, consider where your steps will lead.

Are you looking to grow and accelerate your pace of life? Or rather slow down? Answer the questions about where your desire for change comes from. What are you looking for right now, what fulfils you in life, can you think of a specific job you would like to get? Do you? Well done. Let’s go find her.

I am no longer happy at work

Now be objective and honest. What does your work bring you? If you have listed more positives than negatives, feel free to stop reading this article. You don’t need a new job, just a proper holiday. However, if there is something in your job that you are unhappy with in the long term, it wants a solution.

But it doesn’t always have to be a testimony, you know that some jumps out of a puddle end up in the mud. Employers today value smart employees because they are in demand. So if you want to grow, educate yourself, or believe you deserve a higher salary, fight for your needs. But put down the live ammunition for now and start diplomatically – with a conversation.

Talk openly with your employer and try to find a compromise. Perhaps he will share your needs and you will be surprised to find that it was not so difficult to agree. But if peace talks fail, start fighting – for a new job.

How to find a place where I will be happy

The answer to this fundamental question may not be difficult, but as it happens, we often do not see the easy solutions ourselves. There are plenty of job offers nowadays, not to mention that you can try your luck abroad as well as in your own country. So let’s cast the nets and choose the biggest and tastiest fish.

Start on the internet – trawl through all the good job portals, find contacts of companies you would be a good fit for and send them emails.
Such a CV will open the door to success

Ask your friends about the job, you must have people with similar skills and interests to yours in your area. This is a very good way to do it, because the acquaintance will also give you a reference for the company they work for, along with information about the job.

Use an employment agency. Look for agencies that specialise in an area that is close to your heart. From one source, you can find out about many jobs that you might not otherwise have access to.

There are many options where to look. Cast your nets and wait for the tastiest fish.

Trust but verify

Did it work? Anybody heard from me? Did you get a referral? And maybe even an invitation to an interview? That’s great, but as the famous saying goes: trust but verify. Click on web portals such as www.finstat.sk and www.indexpodnikatela.sk. They will help you get a realistic idea of what the company offering you the job is like. Just type in its name and you’ll instantly know its turnover, whether it’s in the red or in the black, whether it pays health insurance for its employees and even whether it’s facing lawsuits.

I want a real change! Really?

I’m tired of being a plumber, so I’d like to try my hand at hairdressing. Sitting behind a computer in an office is a struggle, I’d much rather walk under the trees, I’m going to be a forester. When the work is too much for a person, that is when he longs for a fundamental change. But do you really want it?

Do I crave a huge change or just need a vacation?

Think carefully about whether your thinking is pragmatic and whether you are idealising the job that is currently in your prospect. Generally speaking, it is better to take one step forward than two steps back. If the path you’ve been walking for years was once a path you chose with confidence, you’re probably well on your way. Maybe you’re not looking for a new direction, you just need to move on from a place, to grow career-wise in the field you’re in.

Therefore, consider radical changes very carefully and ask critical questions when deciding on them. That’s when you will find out if they are really the right way to go. But if your heart and mind tell you to fight for them, we’re rooting for you. Starting over is not easy, but those who are driven by desire and dedication, supported by good fitness, have a chance to run marathons.