Employee Benefits are an important motivating part in choosing the job. They naturally influence satisfaction and work efficiency of employers. But is that a factor according to which we should choose the job ?

You know the feeling. Listing through the job offers you find working benefits as work in friendly team and daily meal allowance. But nowadays the employer will not make an impression only with these benefits. The importance is growing and in some cases the benefits overgrow the salary itself. Today there is a big range of options, which are used according to company size, field of function, as well as the job offer. The applicants see through the benefits how the employer takes care about the team. But do the employers just want to fool you?

Benefits as a sure thing

Few years ago the benefits were only a luxury and a part of big international companies. Nowadays they are important and even crucial in choosing the right job. However, Labour code does not know them so it is up to the employer which benefits will be provided and if they will be provided. In many cases they tend to be the motivation to work and employers can feel more comfortable and satisfied thanks to them.


Lot of benefits are considered as standard, that´s why it is necessary to choose the right ones. But which ones to choose to lure the applicants? Flexible working hours or home office are the most valuable. Opportunities of education in form of language or professional courses have good feedback as well. The biggest motivation and one of the most favourite benefits are the 13th and 14th salary and other financial bonuses. Right after that is also extra holiday, home office or flexible working hours.

Employers try to be interesting

The working habits were changed with the arrival of the Y generation (80s – 90s). Overtimes and long days at work were changed by the needed balance between working duties and free time. While the employees consider flexible working hours, extra holiday, home office or education as one of the most important factors, employers rather provide meal allowances, possibilities of career growth or financial bonuses. However, are these benefitsexactly what the applicants want?

„Millennials have more important place on the market, as they are not children anymore. Simultaneously we can see, that this generation is different than the previous one. They don´t see their working life as just coming at 8am and finishing strictly at 5pm. They ask for more freedom, but at the same time they have more courage and they are less scared of responsibilities then the older generation.”

– analyst, Nicola Richterová

Providing employee benefits depends on job position. Many times, the benefits have the bigger effect on employees than the salary. Therefore, the functioning flexible system of benefits contributes to the prestige of HR departments, as well as the satisfaction of employees of the company. The bigger the company, the more benefits. But is that really true?

Which benefits do you have at your work ? Don´t forget, the business events and teambuildings are benefits too. Many of these you can find in Atena as well. Have a look at our job offers and choose the most suitable for you.