Lucia once worked in Germany as a waitress. She later decided to work as a carer. She says that even after so many years , it is not stereotype for her. What about the salary of carers? Is the agency deducting most of their salary? How much do carers actually receive?

Lucia decided to work as a carer 7 years ago because she loves working with elderly. During her several years of practice, she took rotations in many families. In each one, she has always built a friendly relationship with the patient. Whether it was very difficult or less difficult disease, she could manage with everyone.

She previously worked through another agency in Germany. But she was not very happy with an approach of the agency and that´s why she decided to try her luck elsewhere.

„It´s a huge difference. People are nice, helpful and consistent in everything. They communicate with me on regular basis. Although the patient has more difficult diagnoses, everything can be managed with a little determination. The patient´s family is also very helpful.“

Now she has been working on rotations in Germany for a long time – she takes care of patient for 2 months and 2 months she is at home with her family. She got used to this mode very quickly, she doesn´t even have a problem staying longer if the situation requires. What exactly is the salary of carers?

„I am satisfied with my salary. Whole payment will always come on time. It has never happened to me that I would not get my salary on time or it would not come at all. This job makes me happy and I am also happy to help my patients. „

Carer will earn at least 2800 € for one rotation which lasts 2 months in Germany. It depends on carer´s work experience and knowledge of the German language. If you speak only basic German, you will not earn less than 1400 € in 1 month. However, this is the amount you have to divide into 2 months (for the period when you are at home). However, during the 2 months which you dont work, you may receive additional money for the recommedantions.

„During the 2 months I spent at home, I even made 600 Euros. I recommended to the agency 2 women caregivers who liked this work with people so much that they still work through the Atena agency!“

If you still hesitate, contact us, we will help you with everything. We will provide the trip, all the necessary documets and if you also employ your friend , you will receive a bonus of up to 300€ for the recommendation.

Lucia refers to everyone looking for a meaningful job: „Come here, it´s good here!“