Have you ever thought about the worst proffesion in the world? Some people think that they have the worst job because they have lots of work and miserable salary. Brave men from India would only laugh sadly at such debates.

There are many jobs we cannot even imagine to do. We often forget that there are people among us who make a living in such a work. Many times, the worst jobs contributes to a comfortable general life. Some tasks are miserable and others smelly. Being a sewer inspector is in both categories. Daily duty of this profession is to control of the sewers. At the same time, there is a high probability of disease occurance.

They literally bathe in their own juice.

Armed only with a stick they dive into the sewer every day to unclog blocked drains in the capital of Bangladeshi. They do not even wear gloves and can only dream of a face mask. Every day, they inhale milions of bacteria and are at high risk of getting infected.

source: Daily Mail

When others complain about their work, they can only smile sadly. Their every day life involves more dirt, smell, excrement and urine than an ordinary person can imagine. The worst is that they have to literally bathe in all of that.

Every fift day dies one person with this proffesion.

Their working conditions are unimaginable. They earn between 90-120 euros a month for this disgusting and suicidal work. This payment applies even only to full time workers. Selfemployers receive less than 6 euros a day. However, miserable salary and unsustainable smell is not the worst for these gentleman. Since 2017 one of them dies every 5 days. Since 2008 has died over 573 people with this proffesion.

source: Daily Mail

Vishal, Pankaj, Sarfaraz,Raja, Umesh and Pradeep who worked as sewer divers has experienced the worst. None of them was even 25 years old when their leader sent them to a waste tanker, from which only Pradeep returned. The rest of the boyes died by inhaling toxic faeces, without usuing any protective masks.

For many men, this work is their source of living

Their story is not the only one. Every day, dozens of men drop into dark stinking holes for a few euros to feed themselves and their families. They never know if they will return home. Those who survive may suffer the rest of their life from skin diseases, eye or lungs damage. Eventually they spend lot of money they thrived to earn on health expenses. They are now trying to fight for their rights, but they know that until something fundamentally changes, in five days they will protest one less.

„They should pay him at least 1000 dollars a week. But if he dies with 8 different infectious disease in few days , they should doble his salary.“

– one of the online users says

People are not aware of the huge thing sewer divers are doing. They unclog blocked pipelines to protect residents of the city from spreading dangerous infections.

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