Are you tired of sending CVs and waiting at the labor office? Lets try to reach a job agency! It will help you get closer to your dream job.

Job is waiting for you, you just have to find it. Not everyone had the opportunity to complete basic education or acquire the practical skills needed in many job offers. Do you belong to this type of people? Have you tried the personal agency? Do you have the prejudice that it is not serious? Wrong! The Agency has several advantages. It will offer you jobs where you need a minimum of practice or only basic foreign language skills. Leave negotations and papework to others and simply choose the job that suits you.

Registration is free

Finding a job through a recruitment agency costs absolutely nothing. At the same time, it increases the chance that you will  find a new job opportunity. Whole service from the initial interview to travelling is free of charge. You do not have to worry about any additional deductions.

Choose from many offers according to your wishes

You have the possibility to choose from the widest range of jobs and then decide for one or determine the location of the workplace. If you don’t like your job or salary, you always have a different alternative. Based on your requirements and experience we can advise you and help with selection. The decision is in your hands. Every day we have more than 1500 free current job offers all over Europe.

“I responded directly to a specific job that was provided by Atena. Managers are helpful, willing and the agency offers a large wide of jobs.”

– Satisfied client Marek, who works as a warehouse worker in the Netherlands

You don´t have to deal with transportation or accomodation

You don’t have to worry about travelling with us. We will allow you to travel without paying in advance. We will arrange accommodation and transport directly from your place of residence to the place of work.

The same salary as regular employee

Many people are worried that personal agency employees will earn less. This is not truth. The Labor Code says that employee who finds a job through the agency is remunerated at the same wage as a regular employee. In addition to the wage base, you will also receive various bonuses. Everything depends on your skills.

You will get various benefits

You don´t need to be an internal employee to get employee benefits. In addition to free transport and accommodation, there is much more. The most common benefits  is possibility of advance money, bonus for recommendation of another client, and working on employment contract to be eligible for all social benefits.

“I’ve been dreaming of England all my life, but I’ve never had a chance to get there. Thanks to Atena I made my dream come true. They gave me a helping hand, I have a good job and always someone to help me. Thank you Atena, you changed my life.”

– Siyana, a happy nurse in England

Trust a strong partner who has been on the labor market for 12 years and work through Atena as well. We communicate regularly with business partners to improve working conditions. Our clients will confirm that we have staff you can always rely on. Thanks to our team we can guarantee you great service and promised salary. We always stand by our word. If hard times hit you, contact us or simply browse our current job offers.