Delivery of unqualified staff

Do you have job positions requiring the qualified staff? However, the partner agency provides you with workers without needed qualification? Yes, this can happen within cooperation with agencies focused only on their own interests, and especially on profit, which intentionally/unintentionally ignore your real requirements in the field of candidates’ qualification. On the other hand, if you cooperate with professional agency disposing of a sufficient number of talented candidates, you have half of success with your clients.

Slow delivery of a needed number of staff

Critical periods such as holidays, seasons, public holidays. High amount of work, but the lack of labour force that needs to be found quickly and flexibly. But beware, unprofessional agencies are often unable to deliver required amount of staff. That’s why it is really a big risk for your business to rely on such agencies, especially during aforementioned critical periods.

Sending high number of irrelevant CVs

Unprofessional agencies will overwhelm you with a bunch of irrelevant CVs believing that you will find at least one of them good and suitable. But it requires your time and energy to select suitable CVs according to your predetermined requirements. Are you willing to waste your time and energy? Answer is undoubtedly clear.

Threating your goodwill and development of negative image among business partners

Increasing emphasis is currently being put on positive image building and considerable funds are spent on PR. Is this really something you would threaten by cooperation with unprofessional foreign agency? Definitely not. That’s why you can’t let your partner agencies threaten your goodwill by their unprofessional attitude.

Charging high mediation fees for a minimum of services delivered

In the initial phase of cooperation or by its establishment, unprofessional agencies use to stipulate high number of extra services costing considerable money. However, reality can be absolutely different. Do not pay for something that should have been provided, but wasn’t. Mediation agencies’ fees should cover only services really provided. So, pay attention to agencies’ professional attitude in question of price and quality of services.

Stop being interested in delivered staff after their arrival to a work place -minimal or no support after employment

Some foreign agencies lose an interest in their candidates once they leave country of their origin. “That’s where their work ends.” Unacceptable. A professional foreign agency should only perceive the candidate’s departure as one of steps in the overall recruitment process. So called “after-service” is equally important as “before-service”. Therefore, watch out the agencies with minimal or no support of candidates after their departure. This activity should represent an essential part of the whole set of services provided by an agency.

Providing irrelevant, incomplete and untrue information about candidates they deliver

Just as you are trying to provide the most accurate information about the job positions, you logically expect as much information about candidates as possible, which must be true, complete and up-to-date. It will significantly improve the overall cooperation. That’s why partner agency’s individual attitude towards candidates is extremely important. However, agencies focused on quantity rather than on quality find individual attitude towards candidates as something strange.

High fluctuation of their staff based on incomplete and misleading information about job positions and working conditions

Workers take up an employment or accommodation and a moment of surprise occurs. In an effort to provide as many workers as possible, a number of non-professional agencies literally “deceive” or deliberately conceal essential information. Result? Staff informed in this way leaves as soon as arrives, and your fluctuation increases and effort for stable labour force decreases.

Povedia, že to vyriešia, ozvú sa, zavolajú späť, no už sa od nich nikto neozve.

This is a common phenomenon when working with incompetent. A problem has occured and instead of solving it they choose the path of “silence”. Definitely, this way will not bring a solution. Last but not least, the professionalism of any company consists in its ability to solve problems. Therefore, “silence” is a clear indicator of the unprofessional ones.

The loss of business partners

The most serious and greatest risk in cooperating with non-professional foreign agencies is probably the loss of your clients because you have not been able to deliver required number of staff in the required time and with the required qualification. It is a logical consequence of all aforementioned risks; you can get into on the bases of such cooperation.

Threatening your business, decreasing profitability, decreasing overall results, decreasing number of orders and losing business clients… These terms are literally red for every company. Therefore, be careful while selecting foreign agency within recruitment. Bad choice can cause fatal consequences for your business.

Finally, just so much, that the choice of a professional, experienced foreign agency is really important. Therefore, beware of cooperation with unprofessional ones who may seem attractive from the perspective of a low pricing policy, but the risks, and their consequences in particular, that may arise from such cooperation can sometimes not be financially determined, because the damage caused has more serious impact than just the financial one.