Quality staff is your greatest asset and having the right people in the right positions is essential. Do you work with an external recruitment agency? Avoid the unprofessional ones, working with whom can bring the most common risks:

Supply of unqualified personnel

Do you have jobs where you need really skilled and qualified people ? But yet the partner agency sends you workers without the necessary qualifications? Yes, this can happen when you work with agencies that only look at their interests from a profit perspective and consciously/unconsciously ignore your real needs to qualified candidates. On the other hand, if you work with a professional agency that has a sufficient pool of talented candidates, you have half the success with your clients.

Slow delivery of the necessary amount of personnel

Critical periods such as holiday periods, seasonal periods, festive periods. Lots of work, but not enough staff to be found quickly and flexibly. But beware, unprofessional agencies are often unable to deliver the required amount of staff. Therefore, it is indeed a big risk for your business to rely on such agencies especially during the given critical periods.

Sending a large number of irrelevant CVs

an unprofessional agency will literally “overwhelm” you with a lot of irrelevant CVs, thinking that one of them will be good and suitable after all. It costs you time and energy to select suitable CVs according to your requirements. Is time and energy what you can and want to waste ? the answer is clear and beyond doubt…

Threatening your business reputation and creating a negative image among business clients.

More and more emphasis is now being placed on building the positive image, and significant amounts of money are being spent on PR. Is this really something you would want to jeopardize by working with an unprofessional foreign agency ? Definitely not. Therefore, do not let partner agencies jeopardize your company’s reputation with their unprofessional approach.

Taking high intermediary fees for a minimum of services delivered.

At the beginning of the cooperation, or when concluding it, unprofessional agencies usually promise a large number of extra services for which they dare to charge fees. The reality, however, may be quite different. Do not pay for something that has not been provided to you and should have been. The fees of intermediary agencies should fairly reflect the services provided. Therefore, make sure that the agencies take a professional approach to price and quality of service.

Loss of interest in the supplied personnel once they arrive on the job – minimal to no post-employment support.

Some foreign agencies lose all interest in their candidates as soon as they leave their country of origin. “Their work ends there”. Inadmissible. A professional foreign agency should view the travel of candidates as just a step in the overall recruitment process. The “after” service is just as important as the “before” service. Therefore, beware of agencies where there is minimal to no post-departure support for their candidates, this activity should form a substantial part of the overall package of services provided by the agency.

Supplying irrelevant, incomplete and false information about the candidates they supply

Just as you strive to provide the most accurate information possible about the positions you are filling, you logically expect as much information as possible about the candidates, which must be truthful, complete and up-to-date. This will significantly improve overall cooperation. That’s why an individual approach to candidates from your partner agency is extremely important. However, for agencies focused on quantity and not quality, individual approach to workers is a not known concept.

High turnover of staff supplied by them on the basis of providing incomplete, misleading information about job offers and conditions

Workers arrive at their place of work or accommodation and the moment of surprise arrives. In an attempt to provide as many workers as possible, many non-professional agencies literally ‘lie’ or deliberately conceal essential information. Result ? Such “informed” staff leave as soon as they arrive, your turnover increases and the desire for stable staff decreases.

They say they’ll sort it out, they get back to me, they call back, but I don’t hear from them again.

This is a common occurrence when working with incompetent people. A problem has arisen and instead of a solution they choose the path of “silence”. And thus they will certainly not bring you a solution. The professionalism of any company lies mainly in the ability to solve the problems that arise. Therefore, “silence” is a clear indicator of the unprofessional ones.

Losing your business clients

Probably the most serious and biggest risk of working with an unprofessional foreign agency is losing your clients because you were unable to deliver the required amount of staff in the required time and with the required qualifications. This is a logical consequence of all the risks mentioned above that you can get into by cooperating in this way.

Threaten your business, decrease profitability, decrease overall results, decrease orders to loss of business clients… For any company, these concepts are literally a red flag. Therefore, be careful when choosing a foreign recruitment agency. The wrong choice can have fatal consequences for your business.

In conclusion, choosing a professional, experienced foreign agency is really important. Beware, therefore, of collaborations with non-professional ones, which may seem attractive in terms of low pricing, but the risks and especially the consequences that can arise from such cooperation are sometimes impossible to quantify financially, as the damage caused has a wider impact than just the financial one.