Carers who travel abroad to care for an elderly person need to know the language of the country, as their role is to spend time with them. They should be proficient in the language, as they cannot do without communication with the patient’s family members. They need to communicate with them about the client’s requirements, condition and report how they spent time together and how the patient felt during the day. However, applicants with a lower level of language also have a chance. Getting a carer with basic language skills for your parent or grandparent careras advantageous, even if it doesn’t seem so at first glance.

Different levels of language

Mastery of each language is divided by levels. The lowest level, A1 – A2, includes language users who have a basic knowledge of the language. They are able to communicate, handle simple things, understand basic expressions and phrases. However, their level of language proficiency is not very high and they still have room for improvement. B1-B2 speakers form longer, more complex sentences, and have a rich vocabulary. Simply put, they can handle normal communication. However, they don’t know absolutely everything, especially when it comes to vocabulary, which needs to be continuously enriched, as it is an important element of their knowledge of the language. At this intermediate level, there is also a lot to work on. C1 – C2 level corresponds to the abilities of a native speaker who has a perfect command of the language in both written and spoken form, understands what is heard and read, communicates fluently on any topic, and can use the idioms of the language.

Caregivers with language level A1 – A2

Caregivers are in high demand in Germany and other German-speaking countries. The advantage of caregivers who speak German at the lowest level is that they are often very diligent. Because they need a job – and a well-paid job – they are aware of the opportunity that has come their way and appreciate the work. They know they have to try harder, as their language skills are minimal. Therefore, they are more motivated to conscientiously and well perform the designated work activities and can be relied upon. At the same time, the family of the care recipient gets staff who provide the necessary care to the same extent and with the same quality as a caregiver with a B2 level of German.

Benefits for the family

For the family members of the elderly person, this is more financially advantageous, as carers with basic language skills cost the family less than a C1 caregiver doing the same thing. The carer would be doing the same tasks as positioning the patient, changes, washes, feeds, cooks for him/her, cleans the house, does the shopping, goes for walks with the senior, or takes him/her to a day care centre to talk to friends. These caregivers are willing to work longer hours and stay for longer rotations. They don’t mind working on holidays either. Caregivers with a basic knowledge of the language are equally eager to improve and make progress in the foreign language. Thanks to their stay in Germany, they will indeed naturally improve their German over time because they come into contact with it on a daily basis. After all, the most ideal way to learn a foreign language is to live for a while in a country where you hear it from locals. Then it quickly sticks to us.

Atena gives a chance to caregivers with basic German

Atena offers the opportunity to work in Germany as a caregiver, also to those applicants who have A1 – A2 level of German language. In addition, it improves their working conditions by increasing their salaries. At the beginning of 2022, these caregivers were earning around EUR 1 150 net. This amount is currently 30% higher. Since October this year, our company has again raised the salaries of all caregivers, not forgetting the ones with basic German. They can now receive a net salary of €1550 per month.

At Atena, we offer the chance to apply, gain new experience and advance your career over time. Caregivers can gradually get to level C1 – C2 and receivea monthly salary of 1850 EUR. Atena is trying to maintain the satisfaction of all parties. The patient who requires care and the family who cares. Our business partners with whom we work. And it’s just as much about the satisfaction of the caregivers themselves.

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