Do you know the feeling when you have the desire and interest to work, but you don’t have the necessary experience or are not qualified enough? Nevertheless, if they gave you the opportunity and took you on in the job you want to do, you would be grateful and appreciative. If you’re looking for a caregiverjob, now – the Christmas period – is the time to take a chance.

Travel with language basics

If you only know a few words or simple phrases in German or English but still want to travel, you should take advantage of this during the upcoming Christmas period . In December, families and partners will also accept caregiverwith basic language skills, as there are fewer who are willing to go out to work at this time. This applies in particular to staff with a communicative level of a foreign language. They know that they will be able to find a job at the beginning of next year without any problems, so they prefer to relax and spend the holidays at home with their families.

Chance for long-term cooperation

From the new year onwards, you will be up against high competition, so don’t hesitate. Families will find it harder to accept caregiverwith a basic knowledge of the language, as there are many to choose from who have a high level of language proficiency. Plus, if you prove yourself to the family during the Christmas rotation, chances are they’ll want to continue working with you. This gives you the opportunity to get a stable and long-term job with a motivating salary. You will ensure job security in a time of skyrocketing food, energy and fuel prices.

Attractive financial evaluation

In addition, you will receive three Christmas bonuses and one New Year’s bonus in the form of 100% of your daily wage. In addition to holiday bonuses, you will also receive a transport bonus and full reimbursement of travel expenses. Does this not convince you that travelling over the holidays is really worth it? You can find our job offers with detailed information and salary, including bonuses, here .

If you’re interested in working abroad and earning a decent income, now is the perfect time. Don’t wait and don ‘t waste the opportunity. Still hesitating? Check out 10 reasons to travel immediately. If you want to work on your German or English and enrich it with new vocabulary, read our tips on how to improve your foreign language. If you don’t have experience of working abroad, read how to avoid culture shock when you arrive in an unfamiliar country.

Did you spend the Christmas holidays on a rotation abroad? How did you like the Christmas atmosphere of another country and what differences did you notice when celebrating the holidays there and at home? Share your experiences in the comments below. We are happy to read them.