Nowadays, you no longer have to take printed CVs to the employer in person. When you are looking for a job, you can choose from a number of job vacancies on job portals or employment agency portals. You will be interested in one that looks credible and offers a wide range of vacancies. But how to guess which of the search results is the “best” one?

It goes without waiting

Are you also looking for a job for the second month but still unemployed? Do you hear everywhere that there is a shortage of employees in companies, yet no employer has contacted you? Do you spend a lot of free time on your job search and still no results? Are you discouraged by the low salaries offered on job portals? Are you looking for a job abroad but the offers are not transparent? We can be your solution.

According to statistics, vacancies are increasing, but are not updated on job portals.
Maybe this is the reason why employers don’t respond to your CVs.

Clearly, there is no perfect formula for getting a job. Searching for a job via a job portal is now too complicated and pointless. Employment Agency It is a modern way that quickly and efficiently guarantees you a job almost immediately. So choose a simpler job search strategy and find a job without waiting. With the agency you can arrange everything you need in a few clicks .

In 2 months of looking for a job on the portals, you have lost 2 paychecks. With an employment agency, they could have already dinged you on your account a long time ago.

How do I know that the offers are not misleading?

Do you feel that the offers on job portals are not up-to-date? Do employer advertisements strike you as dubious, misleading or untrustworthy? S agency something like this won’t happen to you. We make sure you have plenty to choose from. We also care about your satisfaction with the selection and performance of your work. We regularly communicate with our business partners to discuss possible improvements to working conditions and new job vacancies. In addition to being fast, we also have the widest selection of vacancies that are always up-to-date, verified and checked. We are not limited like other agencies. Unlike portals, you can choose from 1,000 relevant offers and not from 10,000 bullshit ones.

“Recently, one of Germany’s most important business partners honoured us with a visit. Thanks to him we can offer you some of the most attractive offers for nannies. He takes excellent care of his clients, our nannies, and he repays us for our excellent cooperation with wonderful gifts.”

– recruitment agency Atena

Employer’s response

Sending your CV for the tenth time and still haven’t received a reply? One of the most common complaints from candidates is dissatisfaction with the employer’s communication. The company publishes the offers, collects responses and in most cases does not even send a thank you email to the job seekers. Employment agencies respond to applications almost immediately. When you choose this option, you will agree within an hour on working conditions and you can start work the next day. Without unnecessary waiting and complications. If you are interested in what we do, read our Previous article .

“Work first, then pay. That’s how I’m enjoying my last sunny days in the Netherlands after work.”

– satisfied client Milan, who found a job through Atena

How do I find out about vacancies?

If you register as a jobseeker in employment agency database or pass an initial interview, you may then be offered a vacancy by phone or mail. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our newsletter, which informs you regularly about new offers. If you prefer a personal meeting and want to see for yourself the company’s reliability and reliability, you can visit the client branches at any of the Sites . We will be happy to assist you in the area of career counselling. For specialists, we recommend using a professional network LinkedIN . More about the benefits of using this domain in the next article.


Still can’t decide? Read what we offer. At our portal you will always find verified, checked and up-to-date vacancies.