Frequently Asked Questions

I want to travel abroad for work with my spouse. Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible to work as a couple. These offers are for warehouses and production, where you will be provided with accommodation in double rooms.

Is it necessary to have a healthcare course completed to work in Austria?

Yes, in Austria it is required to have the healthcare course.

Do I need a BSN number to work in the Netherlands?

If you’re going to work as a caregiver, you don’t need one. You will work under a Slovak employment contract and pay taxes in Slovakia. If you will be working on a Dutch contract, you will need a BSN number. If you don’t already have one, your Dutch employer will help you with the paperwork.

Will I get a travel allowance even if I provide my own transport?

Yes, of course. However, we will need a dated ticket and the amount from you in order to reimburse you for the transport. Reimbursement of the transport bonus is dealt with as part of the payout.

How much can I earn as a caregiver in Germany?

The salary for a carer in Germany ranges from €1500 to €1850 net. The final amount depends on your level of German language.

Whom can I contact during the weekends if something happens?

There is an emergency service on weekends, so you can get in touch with someone if needed.

Can I travel and work with basic knowledge of German?

It is also possible to travel to Germany and work with a basic knowledge of the German language.

If I travel to another family, do I have to pay for the transfer myself?

If the client has been hospitalized, has gone into a nursing home or passed away, the transfer to the new family is fully covered by ATENA.

What if a patient dies, will I be out of a job? How quickly can you arrange a new family for me if I don’t like the family?

If you want to continue working, we will find you a new client to move to. As we fill more than 100 job vacancies daily, we can provide you with a new job immediately.

When is the payday?

If you work as caregiver, you will receive the salary 5th day of the month. If you work in the manufacturing industry in Slovakia, it depends on the company. The time span ranges from 10th to 15th day of the month.

Can I work as a caregiver in Germany without a health care course?

Yes, you can work in Germany without the course.

When do I get the transport bonus?

You are entitled for this bonus, when you as a carer work on a two-month rotation. It will be taken into account in the next paycheck.

Do I have to come directly to the branch to sign the documents?

It is sufficient to send us the signed documents by email or post.

How often can I draw my advance?

You can draw the advance 2 times a week, Mondays and Thursdays, up to 50% of your time worked. To request it, just contact your responsible consultant.

Do families pay salary in cash at the end of the rotation?

Families in Germany, the Netherlands and England are not responsible for paying out salaries. Salary is paid out by our agency directly to the bank account 5th day of the month. However, In Austria, family pays the caregiver directly, the day they go home or the day before, as they work there as self-employed.

Can I arrange my own transport?

Of course, you can travel with any form of transport, even on your own. However, you must inform your manager before you arrange it. You can also discuss with your contact person which type of transport would suits you the most.

Whom do I call if I have a problem in the family?

You will have your own contact person you can contact. At the same time, we also have an emergency service after office hours as we