Learn how morning rituals can kick you into everyday life.

1. Start your day with silence

Silence helps you lower your stress (cortisol) levels and turn your attention inward, to generate new ideas and establish a clear mindset for the rest of your day.

2. Visualize success

Let’s say you have to resolve a team conflict at the office today. First, visualize the lead-up. Imagine yourself walking into the room as a confident mediator. Imagine the team members motivated and receptive to finding a resolution. Then visualize the end result: a positive outcome where everyone commits to work collaboratively as a team.

This should help you worry less, not more, about the upcoming task.

3. Add exercise to your morning routine

Even if you only exercise for a very short period of time, it will give you an energy boost to help you wake up more quickly. It can be a seven-minute workout on YouTube. Yoga stretches. 60 seconds of jumping jacks. Anything to help you wake up.

4. Read a few pages each day

Whether you strive to be a better manager, get more fit, or have happier relationships, you’re a book away from learning what you need to improve that area of your life. With all the books out there, it’s easy to find one that speaks to where your head’s at. If you read even five pages a day, that’s 150 pages—or one self-development book—a month, which is 12 books a year. And that can make you a different person.

5. Write to get clear on your priorities

It only takes a couple of minutes, and whether you write them down or simply identify them in your mind, it’s a game changer.

First, what are three things you’re most grateful for? When you start your day with gratitude, it helps you see the world through a positive lens.

Second, what are the three most important things you need to do today? everything on your to-do list will move you toward your biggest goals, your greatest dreams, the life you want to live… these goals are now just fantasies but they could be accomplished.

You may be looking at this list and thinking: how early are you people waking up?! Even if you don’t do all six of these things for the duration or amount described, give a few of them a shot for at least two months. Watch the difference it makes!