In our consultancy, we help you to start the right fight of your working life and to win it. Today we’ll take aim at another important metric – the cover letter. It is its quality that can determine whether you get the job you are interested in.

If you have underestimated the preparation of a cover letter so far, after this article you may change your mind in the future. Remember – your cover letter is your calling card – it gives the employer the most important information about you and gives you a chance to succeed.

But how do I write a great cover letter? What should definitely not be missing in it? And what doesn’t fit into it? Here are our eight important tips

1. One standard page

Whatever you have to say, always fit it on one standard page. This is the Alpha and Omega of every recruiter who will get their hands on your CV and cover letter. If you follow this rule, you will score with him right from the start.

2. No grammatical errors

You want to portray yourself in a good light with your cover letter, it should be your shop window. So if you have a spelling problem or if you have a habit of making typos in your texts that you don’t notice, have your cover letter checked or read by someone else.
There is a lot of competition and you have so little time. However, this resume will get you to the second round.

3. Familiar phrases? Certainly not!

Avoid those incredible clichés that don’t say anything concrete about you anyway. For example, “I am communicative and a team player”. This is what the recruiter will read about you on your CV. Be more specific in your cover letter.

You’d better write: The team I led in my previous position was one of the best in the company, we delivered the results the company asked of us every month.”

4. The truth and nothing but the truth

However you want to get the job, just stick to the true facts. Lying has short legs and lies could very quickly be exposed by an employer at a job interview. And that would be a rather awkward and uncomfortable situation that would close the door on you in that company for good. Don’t you think?

Focus and make it count. It is the cover letter that decides whether an employer will invite you for a job interview.

5. Give yourself time

Being first-rate is not the place to be when writing a cover letter, give it plenty of time. Do your preparation, think about what the employer would value most about you. Go through the cover letter several times and put the last dot when you are 100% satisfied with it.

6. Don’t write a novel

Focus on the facts, don’t confuse a cover letter with a novel. Flowery words certainly don’t belong in it. Which is not to tell you to use clichés. These don’t belong in a cover letter either.

7. Target it

Are you currently looking for a job really actively, responding to multiple offers and sending out CVs and cover letters every day? Right. However, each of them should be targeted to a specific job and capture exactly what the employer is looking for. With a one-size-fits-all cover letter, you probably won’t succeed in any of the ten positions you responded to.
Opportunity, certainty and unique offers. Bet on a strong partner

8. Don’t scold and doubt yourself

A cover letter is not the place where your potential employer wants to learn about your bad points. You have to look confident, determined and interested in being invited for an interview.

The employer should feel that you are the person they are looking for. That’s why you should avoid formulations like: i believe that i could be the right person… if you gave me a chance, hopefully you would be happy with me. No. If you don’t believe yourself, do you believe the owner of a thriving business will believe you?