Is your loved one, neighbour or friend looking for a job and would you like to help them? We have some tips for you on how to make this happen and secure him a prospective job. Of course, this guide will also help you if you have the same problem.


A person who is out of work needs support and motivation from those around him at a time when he can’t get anything in the long term. He can also use help and direction when he doesn’t know what to do or where to turn. For example, a recent graduate can be helped by a parent or older sibling who already has experience in finding a job. However, jobseekers must also take the initiative and make the effort to get employed themselves. This is a major step to success. Do not sit and wait.

From case to case

There is a difference between people who have never worked before and those who have just worked somewhere for a very long time, for example 20 years, and suddenly unexpectedly get fired. It must be difficult for them, because after years they have lost their security day by day and lost the jobs they were used to going to day by day. The situation is unfamiliar to them, and it’s also difficult when they can’t or don’t know how to find a job in the sector they used to work in. Especially if they don’t want to or can’t do anything differently than they have been doing.

Disadvantaged persons

Some applicants have it even harder. These are disadvantaged groups, where we include mothers after maternity leave, the disabled, the elderly who are close to retirement. Not every employer is willing to employ a person with a disability. Mothers on maternity leave find it difficult because they need to find a job with convenient working hours so that they can take their children to nursery or school and pick them up from there.

Many companies or businesses have a problem with the risk that working mothers will often have sick children to care for, thus missing work for long periods of time. Older people who are only a few years away from retirement – three or four – are equally exposed to a difficult situation. The reason is that employers and organisations are usually looking for longer-term employees, even for several years, so that they do not have to re-interview and train new staff.

find a job
The working man is rising, the unemployed man is declining.

Failure leads to frustration

It is understandable that a person who finds himself unemployed (long-term unemployed or a fresh graduate with no work experience) and has already been rejected at ten interviews will easily fall into lethargy, become apathetic and eventually passive. He said to himself: “Why am I trying so hard if I’m not succeeding at all?” and resigns. Having a job is important and necessary because man is made to be active, to experience fulfilment in life, to be able to realise himself. On the other hand, it needs money to pay the bills and provide the basic necessities of life.

According to Eurostat, long-term unemployment refers to people who have been unemployed and actively looking for work for at least one year. Very long-term unemployment refers to people who have been unemployed for at least 2 years.

Don’t lose work habits

A person out of work needs to be supported to avoid becoming long-term unemployed. The longer he stays at home, the harder it will be to get a job. Over time, they will lose their work habits and risk developing psychological problems, depression or even various addictions. It is very important for jobseekers to set a daily schedule and set aside a certain amount of time (for example, 30-60 minutes) to search for a job on all possible job portals in the country. And you can apply for a job even if the company where you want to work has no advertisement. One should send a resume or ask, nothing will be given for the attempt, one can only gain.

In our next blog, we’ll give you specific tips on how to find a job.

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