Are you wondering how best to prepare yourself before you go abroad if you are going to work there as caregiver? Good preparation is the basis for success in everything. It will help you avoid complications that could make your working stay unpleasant or negatively affect your concentration on the job. Follow these steps to ensure that you avoid unwanted inconveniences. In this way, you ensure your own well-being, but also that of the client to whom you are providing caregiver, and at the same time you guarantee the smooth running of the entire cooperation.


Make sure you have all the documents you need. Make sure you have a valid identity card (ID card) so that it doesn’t expire when you are in another country. Also check the validity of your other documents(passport, driving licence). Print out your employment contract and take it with you so you have something to show if you are caught at the border.


Make sure you know where you are going and exactly how to get there. Make sure you have booked transport – bus, train or plane – to get you to your destination country and also to the client’s specific family. Don’t forget to confirm your transport booking if you are travelling on your own. Don’t mix up your departure dates so you don’t miss your flight. It would be a shame to miss out on a job opportunity.

The picture of the landscape

Read about the destination you are travelling to. Study something about culture , etiquette, geography and local regulations so you won’t be surprised when you arrive. To know the typical customs, climate and most common weather or how transport works. Find information about the lifestyle in your country. Finding out the facts will help you better navigate your new environment. It’s better than leaving unprepared. You would hardly feel in your own skin there. Work on the language level as well spoken in this country. There is always room for improvement and communication is necessary in the relationship with the client, the family, but also in everyday life when something needs to be done.

Medicines and medical supplies

Your luggage must not be without any medicines – prescription or over-the-counter – that you absolutely need to live. If you have to follow a special diet (e.g. gluten-free, lactose-free diet), take some foods of this type with you. They’ll meet you before you get to the store. Among the things you absolutely need to take with you are medical devices that you can’t do without – nasal spray, glasses, contact lenses,… If you suffer from certain health problems, try to resolve them before your trip. If you are sick, have flu, or have a virus, it is very inappropriate to travel. You would be endangering the senior you are going to care for and their family. Your condition could also worsen. Your compulsory equipment should be a first aid kit, where there are necessary aids – painkillers, leucoplast, bandage, disinfectant.


Bring some cash with you so you have money handy in case of an emergency. You never know what situation will arise. If you missed your scheduled connection to get you to your destination, you would have to call and pay for a taxi. Not everywhere can be paid exclusively by credit card, so you need to have a reserve.

Functional phone

Make sure your phone’s battery is charged and don’t forget to put a charger in your suitcase. Make sure you have the number of the relevant consultant, the manager of the employment agency that sent you or the family of the cared-for person on file so that you can contact them if necessary. In particular, turn on roaming so you can make and receive calls to and from your home country if you’re not automatically connected to your local network.

Travel insurance

It is good to think of any situations that may arise. Therefore, if you do not have travel insurance, take out travel insurance before you travel. This will help compensate you financially if you experience an untoward incident, lose your luggage at the airport, have it stolen or it is damaged in some way.


Bring practical clothes that you feel comfortable and comfortable in. Your favourite clothes will put you in a good mood, which will put you in a good frame of mind. This will allow you to get the job done the way it needs to be done. Please choose your clothing with the typical weather of the country in mind.


Even when you are already in the family, think about responsible activities and client care. You have been given an opportunity. If you prove yourself and get positive work references , it will open the door to other job offers – even better ones with higher financial rewards.

When you travel for work, you need to prepare yourself thoroughly so that you don’t have to deal with unnecessary or serious problems that can easily be avoided. Just follow the above steps, we will help you with everything else we . We will find you work with an attractive salary.