What could be a better indicator of the qualities and suitability of a worker than positive references from previous employers? Work references help you find a good job according to your expectations.

References = job security

This is true in every sphere, and 24-hour live-in care is no exception. As a caregiver who has references from a client’s family where you have worked in the past, it will be much easier and quicker to get a new job than a caregiver who has none. This job may even be better paid than the one you would have gotten without the missing references. Therefore, it is desirable and necessary to ask for a reference from the family before leaving the rotation, where it will be stated in black and white how satisfied they were with your work. In case you do not return for some reason (death of a patient or placement in a nursing home). Do this as soon as you are leaving, later family members may not have the time or inclination or interest to give it to you. Ask them to write few sentences on the computer or even by hand, as not everyone can use a computer, especially the elderly. You will be able to prove your references when applying for other jobs.

More personal

A reference written in the recommender’ s own words is considerably more personal than a completed template or questionnaire where the recommender only ticks options one to five. It should include the dates how long the carer worked for the client, what patient the caregiver cared for, what diagnoses the client had and their severity. Last but not least, it is worth mentioning what kind of relationship the caregiver built with the client, how they treated him/her, how the communication went. This is the feedback on the extent to which they – the family and the client – were satisfied with the work of caregiver. The reference should be signed by the person who ordered the care services (family or client).

One step ahead of the competition

The number of caregivers interested in work is rising and the number of families looking for 24-hour care is declining. With valuable references, you’ll get a big head start on the competition. The family will always prefer a caregiver who already has some experience in care. The references are proof of the experience. They establish credibility with the family and ensure a good opinion of the candidate. However, be sure to only ask for recommendations from families who have been happy with you and there has been no problem, otherwise it would not be the most appropriate. The more references from more families, the better for you. It is up to you to get them, no one else will do it for you. The family will not give it to you on their own, you have to ask for them.

Opportunity for more job offers

If you have references, the quicker you can find a job and the quicker you can start earning money. Positive references will ensure that you have more jobs available to choose from , so you can find the one that suits you best. You are offered the chance to work for a client who has a lighter diagnosis and do the work for a better salary. You can get into nicer environment, work in a family house, in the city or anything else you would like. Shortly, positive work references can get you the job thatsuits best your requirements. Remember, if you have references, you also have a competitive advantage that any family will appreciate.

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Do you already have experience with job references, have they helped you find a (better) job?