Have you ever had to visit 15 different job portals, buy four newspapers and search all the social networks to find a few job offers that suit you? Job aggregators are the solution to this problem. There you will find all this, if not more, in one place.

What are job aggregators?

Imagine a search engine like Google, but designed to search for job offers. That’s exactly what job aggregators are. They collect offers from job portals, recruiters’ sites, company career sites, newspapers and anywhere else they can. This means that all potential job offers on the internet (and even beyond) are at your fingertips.

Job aggregators do not publish job listings as new content. They only contain links to the original job offer. For this reason, they cannot charge employers for disclosure. If they did, they wouldn’t have all the results. This would defeat their purpose. However, this is not always the case. Some aggregators operate on a PPC (Pay per Click) system. Employers pay for this service.

You may have to look at a few adverts before you get the information you need. But you’ll spend a few seconds watching them and save hours of searching.

What benefits do they offer?

Most of them are free of charge for jobseekers. Everything is neatly collected in one place. You don’t have to go to all the job portals in your country to find all the possible opportunities. All you have to do is go to the aggregator’s website and fill in the location and position you want and are looking for.

In addition, everything is usually simple and intuitive. You don’t have to look around the website for 15 minutes just to see how it works. Aggregators are also a great tool for market research. If you plan to work in a different area, you can take a quick look around and get a pretty good idea of what the average salary is for the job.

Which job aggregators are the best?

SimplyHired is a great choice due to its features that are linked to social media for easy sharing. SimplyHired is available in 17 countries.

Indeed is considered a pioneer in the field of job aggregators. They started operations in 2004 and are still the largest in the market. You can use Indeed in 20 countries around the world. Best of all, they operate in almost every EU country.

There are also local job aggregators. For example, JobRobot is the market leader for German-speaking countries. You might think it won’t contain many offers because it only operates in a few countries. But you’ll be surprised to find more than 5 million job offers there.

The really big companies in the job market and in IT have also taken advantage of this opportunity, and they have a big stake. Google for Jobs and LinkedIn Jobs are the two biggest brands in this sphere. Keeping in mind that LinkedIn is the largest professional network and Google has the widest reach in multiple fields, both are worth exploring.

But there is a better option. Imagine not only having a huge number of job offers at your disposal, but also knowing that their reliability is proven. Experts in job search and recruiting carefully select the best offers. In addition, they make sure that these opportunities are legitimate, well-paid and stable. The good news is that you don’t have to imagine it – that’s exactly what we do at the company Atena! Our offers may be in the hundreds instead of thousands or millions. But in the end, isn’t quality more important than quantity when it comes to job offers?