In the period ahead, each of us will face the challenge of fighting the effects of inflation. One of its negative impacts will be redundancies. This will happen if no other solution is found to the problem of insufficient company profits. What can you do to keep your job during the economic recession that is not going to pass us by anytime soon?

As a family

If you are a passionate employee and work in a company that has good relationships with its employees, you see the company as your own family. You have a good time with your colleagues and superiors. However, these are changed with challenging situations and obstacles that you must overcome and master together as a team. You share the ups and downs that make the company, you and the work team stronger and more progressive. When your family member is going through a difficult time, you do everything you can to help. You look for solutions. It’s the same when the company that employs you has a problem. Your employer will appreciate it.

How to support the company you work for?


One step is good attendance. Get to work on time and work responsibly. Don’t be late when it’s a busy period and a lot of work is required, only if it’s really necessary and you need to get something done urgently.

Health promotion

Build your immunity and keep your health in optimal condition, and the same goes for your loved ones. If the employee is often unable to work or has to take care of sick family members, this is a minor complication. In employee´s absence, the employer incurs very large costs. Workers who are often sick and miss a lot of work are the first to be dismissed by their employer when this happens.

Quality of work

Strive for full job performance and reliability. Clients are primarily interested in quality products and services. Thanks to the demand for services, the company can operate even during the economic recession. Completion of the tasks on time also play equally important role.

Personal development

Contribute more value to the company by developing yourself personally. For example, start improving your foreign language skills, educate yourself, study new things that you can use at work and that will positively affect your performance.


At a time when prices are skyrocketing, you’d better save on energy, materials and other company assets and resources. For example, used and unwanted office paper can be reused for writing. You can find out how you can save energy here. Get involved and suggest where it would be more useful to use the cost savings. Don’t be afraid to tell your superiors where money is being wasted.


Try to be one of the best employees in the department you work in. If you are one of the top performers, you reduce the risk that you will be the one who gets fired. Try to be a positive influence on colleagues and show loyalty to your employer despite the bad times. Build a positive working climate.


Come up with ideas on how to do the job more efficiently and how to improve processes in the company. This will support the company’s competitiveness.


Respond flexibly to work demands. Take a lenient approach to changes that the company is forced to implement temporarily, e.g. changing working hours, less time off, forced holidays.

Avoid strikes

Do not support riots or strikes, because it leads nowhere and helps no one.

We face a challenging period in the coming months. It’s up to each of us how we can deal with it. Our company ATENA actively communicates with companies, families and other employers at all times (including during the covid pandemic) to get jobs, regardless of the current unfavourable situation in the world. You can count on us to continue to do so and to try to get you a job with above-standard pay so that you can survive the crisis.

Do you have another idea how to help your company and avoid losing your job? We’d love to read your insights in the comments below the article.