One of the main reasons why companies innovate is the need to keep up with rapidly changing market conditions. If they do not adapt to new and modern trends, they may become obsolete and lose their competitive edge. In addition, implementing the changes will help companies improve operational efficiency and productivity. To be successful and sustainable in the long term, they need to be able to evolve in line with the needs of their clients. Innovation is therefore essential for success and survival in the marketplace.

A twist in the form of using street view

We also want to be one of the successful companies with quality services. That’s why we are constantly looking for new solutions to improve the quality of processes that offer added value. To make it more convenient and easier for our care staff to get to the job site, we’ve introduced a new enhancement. In the itineraries of individual transfers, which caregiversthey receive before going to their families, we are starting to add GPS coordinates, satellite images and street view images of specific addresses – houses and buildings, which we get from Google maps. In the case of street view, it is a service of the company Google that allows users to virtually visit the world through interactive imagery. Thanks to them, users have the opportunity to explore cities, villages, streets almost all over the world. Although better documented in some countries, they are less so in others. The service is useful for route planning and orientation in a new unfamiliar environment. The images give people an idea of how to get where they need to go.

Multiple control

The photos included in the itineraries allow you to see the place where caregiverwill be picked up by the carrier (usually the apartment building where she lives), the addresses of the various intermediate stops (airport, bus, train station) and the place of work, i.e. the housing of the particular patient. Of course, the photos will also serve in itineraries when returning home. So far, there have been misunderstandings about the transfer of care staff. That’s why we decided to take this step, to avoid similar situations. With all clients we go through the addresses individually in telephone communication. We check with them against satellite imagery and street view that is available to make sure they are correct. This is to avoid unnecessary complications that could arise. Addresses are verified by several people: caregiver, consultant, responsible manager, partner, family, carrier, dispatcher. By checking the accuracy several times, we avoid errors and inconveniences.

Many benefits

This innovative system contributes to several benefits:

  • The whole carer´s trip travelling to work will be smoother, more efficient, simplified and accelerated.
  • Thanks to the photo documentation of real objects, you can actually see what the address looks like. This helps to better navigate in space than if one only sees a map with the location and the name of the address. Many people have problems with maps and drawings.
  • The caregiver is informed exactly where she will travel. She doesn’t have to search at length for where the patient lives, and the risk of her getting lost is greatly reduced. He will have more confidence.
  • It serves as a solution to the situation when a patient lives in a large multifunctional building with multiple entrances, where it is not clear where exactly his apartment is located and it is difficult to find the correct address.
  • This avoids situations where the carrier is unable to find a specific location, saving time that would have been spent searching for it.
  • The system in place is useful for out-of-hours staff changes.
  • Families will be happier because with this news they will come caregiversto work on time.
  • It will make our dispatchers’ and, in fact, everyone’s job easier.

(Not only) this improvement, but every improvement we introduce to improve our serviceswhich will ensure that all clients – those who work with us, the staff who work for us and the families who put their trust in us the moment they decide to use our services – are more satisfied.