Generation differencies in the workplace is hot topic of today. Each generation has different habits, abilities, expectations, but also demands. Because of these differences, tensions often arise in the workplace, which have a negative impact not only on interpersonal relationships, but also on the overall atmosphere in the company or employee productivity.

Generations can be considered as one of the demographic trends that affect and will continue to affect the labor market. Currently, the risks of labor market developments are also associated with unfavorable demographic developments. Knowing your employees and their style of thinking is becoming an advantage in a highly competitive environment. When employers use the characteristics of generations to better know their employees, they can adapt their work environment to make work more efficient.

Generation X grew up without technology, but had to learn to live with it.

Internet hit them when they were or were becoming part of the labor market. It is a group of people who still prefere everything on paper than on the smartphone. If they own smartphone, they use it mainly for calling or sending messages. But the truth is that the younger people of this generation have also learned to use the Internet and mobile applications.

They are more open, tolerant, independent, and selfsufficient generation. Due to their parent´s occupational business (the baby boomers generation of the 1940s – 1960s), they has become accustomed to solving all of affairs and problems alone. They do their job as best they can, but they need to be in balance with their private lives. Employees of this generation are not willing to work at the expense of their family. At work they need to feel that they are responsible for their work tasks. They do not like being constantly checked. For succesful communication with them, it is advisable to speak briefly and personal meeting or telephone contact is recommended.

INTERESTING FACT: Generation X imagines its ideal boss to appreciate their work. The millennials would like a mentor to be their supervisor, who would also be a friend. Generation Z  imagine themseleves as the boss of themselves or a family member who would not control, restrict or provoke them.

In order to keep the workers of this generation in employment, managers must not forget that they must provide them with space for independent work. At work, Generation X takes advice from more experienced employees, but wants to be responsible for the work itself. They do their best to fulfill tasks they receive. Their work must be consistent with their private life. Otherwise their work performance will not be effective or they decide to leave the job.

Generation Y is the most educated generation

They grew as technology evolved, making them a big breakthrough in the online and offline world. Their life is strongly linked to modern technology and they know what it is like to live without smartphones and everyday contact with virtual reality.

Generation Y is confident, ambitious, proficient in foreign languages and oriented on performance. They have high expectations from their employer. These people long for meaningful projects. When necessary, they do not distinguish betweeen working time and leisure. Millennials like to work in a team, but they require a teamleader. They are pragmatic and capable of multitasking, but they are less interested in politics and enviroment than any generation before them. They have no problem working overtime as long as they are appropriately rewarded. They have no problem to travel for work, but they do not like to obey the values they do not trust themselves.

INTERESTING FACT: Generation X and Y are now the largest working group. If employers could better understand how they work, they would keep them in employment.

Many Millennials have seen their parents stressed to work in large companies during days and nights. Therefore, it is typical for them to find a work-life balance. They value their parents for what they have done for the world, but they do not want to live in a similar way. They do not want to sacrifice their lives only to work, because they value family and partnership.

Generation Z are maximum digital people

It is a generation that has already been born with the knowledge of technology. They are used to finding the whole world on their mobile phone. They are active, looking for information and demanding quality. They already have great purchasing power and it will grow, so brands cannot ignore them. They do not separate strictly virtual experience from the real and they want to have a fun while working or learning.

This group of people is independent and tries to use their skills to the maximum. They look for work intuitively and stay in it for as long as they are happy there. They are able to ask their employer for benefits that older generations would not dare (flexible working time, home office, higher financial remuneration). Many of them do not think about their working future. However, job opportunities are constantly increasing in the labor market to attract these young people. It has become a driving force for many companies, which are increasingly forced to focus on digitization to please and keep pace with young people.

INTERESTING FACT: From 46 countries many people of this generation would like to work after high school. 15% would welcome such a possibility straight away, another 47 % would consider it. It is totally different to generations X and Y, where college was a clear choice if they had a money. Generation Z wants to take advantage of trainings at work  and have more work experience.

The generation Z will seem to have strong business spirit. Most of them prefer their own business than employee´s position. Employers can also use this as an advantage. Entepreneurial spirit can „incorporate“ into their corporate cultures, support personal development of employees, better communicate the contribution of individuals to a common result.

Alpha generation is our future

Children of this generation are still in preschool age. By time of their birth, the world was fully dominated by smartphones, social networks . The word „app“ is perhaps the basis of their lives. However, this generation is expected to be the most enterprising in modern history.

It is estimated that the generation Alpha will live to the highest age and will be the richest. The last ones who will fall into the generation will be born in 2025. The Alpha generation will be the one to make the most decisions about financies in the household. It is quite likely that they will be open to multiculturalism and reject gender stereotyopes (follwing their parents). It is also assumed that it will be the most educated generation.

At the same time it will be the fastes changing generation, as technology is changing every day and children are already adapting to it at dizzying pace. This new generation will not think of technology as a tool, but will integrate it in an extraordinary way into their lives. How will generation Alpha present itself in labor market will be shown by technologies which usage will later be reflected into their personalities.