We know what you can ask for your employer if you are working on an Austrian contract.

Overtime work

The standart working time in Austria is 40 hours per week. If it is exceeded, these hours are considered as overtime. Overtime work refers to any hours worked outside of the standard working schedule stated in signed work contract. This can be a maximum of 20 hours per week, with an extra 50 % for each overtime hour worked (or 1,5 hours of credit per hour worked).

Work at weekends

Both men and women have the same right to work during weekend, except for pregnant and breastfeeding women and youth under 18. For work on Saturdays and Sunday, there is an extra pay of 100% of the basic salary.

Work at night

Both men and women have the same right to work during the night, except for pregnant and breastfeeding women and youth under 18. For work at night there is an extra pay of 100% of the basic salary.


During the first six months , the mployee is entitled to leave according to the duration of the employment. For each month worked , the employee is entitled to have 2 days of holiday. From the second year onwards , he/she is entitled to a full holiday of at least 5 weeks (30 working days)and after 25years worked he/she is entitled to 6 weeks(36 working days). Disabled people and adolescents are not entitled to more days leave unless it is stated in employment or collecticve contract.

Annual wage suppliment

The minimum wage in Austria is not firmly enshrined in the law, it is regulated in collective agreements. These include the payment of 13th and 14 th salaries, as well as other benefits. The 13th salary is the Christmas bonus and 14th salary is the holiday bonus. The amount itself is determined according to the applicable collective agreement. However, it is usually at the level of one monthly salary, not lower than stated in collective agreement. If you have not worked for the entire calendar year , the 13th and 14th salaries will be paid in aliquot amount depending on the nuber of months worked. You will be aligible after 5 months of work. For a full year´s work, you are entitled to double your salary.

Sick leave

In the case of illness, accident at work, occupational illness or the need for rest and convalescence, you are entitled to regular benefit payment for 6 weeks of full paid sick pay and 4 weeks of half-paid sick pay during the working year. Benefits are paid by the institution providing healthcare insurance. Amount of sick pay depends on your earnings inthe last month before the illness. As an employee, you are obliged to inform your employer of your incapacity to work. If you are sick for more than 3 days during your holiday, this will not count to your holiday. However, this must be reported to the employer and provided with the medical confirmation document.

Social benefits

It is possible to apply for a child allowances 5 years back from the month in which the application is received by Austrian tax office that is responsible for child allowances. You can apply for family allowances up to the age of 18 or until his 24th year of age if he is full time student at a university. Child´s parent, adoptive parent , step-parent or person in charge of the child are entitled to family allowances. The amount of social allowances varies according to the age of the child:

  • up to 2 years: 114 Eur
  • 3-9 years: 121.90 Eur
  • 10-18 years : 141.50 Eur
  • 19-24 years: 165.10 Eur

Payrate for working during bank holidays

Both men and women have the same right to work during bank holidays. There is a 100% extra pay for work on bank holiday.

Maternity leave

The protection period for pregnant women starts 8 weeks before the expected birth of the baby and ends 8 weeks after when is paid 100 % of the wage. During this period , the woman may not work, but the employment continues and the maternity benefit is paid instead of salary.

Parents are entitled to unpaid parental leave until the child is 2 years old. The minimum period of parental leave is 2 months. During this time, childcare allowances may be provided. Since January 2010, parents whose children were born after 30th September 2009 can choose from 5 types of allowance. One of the models is based on the amount of income. After parental leave, woman is protected from dismissal for 4 weeks following parental leave or after it.


If you have been paying pension insurance in Austria for more thatn 1 year, you will be entitled to an aliquot amount of Austrian pension. If you have paid pension insurance for less than 1 year, the paid months will not be lost, but will be added to the paid Slovak months. By 2024, the statutory retirement age for woman will be 60 years and by 2033 it will be in the 65s. For men the age does not change, the statutory retirement age will be 65 years.

Food allowance

An employee in Austria receives 26.40 Eur per day from the employer.

Family member sick leave

If you take care of a family member living with you in your home, you may be given leave while still paying your salary, under certain conditions. Care leave is provided for 1 week. For children in need of care, another week per calendar year is possible if the child in need of care has not yet reached the age of twelve. A sick child can also be looked after by a parent who doesn not live in the same household.